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alliance for a new transportation charter

Sound transportation investments are the backbone of the American economy and social fabric. Yet despite over $150 billion in federal, state, and local funds spent annually, millions of Americans lack basic mobility, and communities struggle to maintain a sense of place and livability.

Members of the Alliance for a New Transportation Charter agree that transportation systems can improve our communities and neighborhoods by enhancing public health and safety, promoting social equity and a better quality of life, sustaining economic prosperity, and saving energy while protecting the environment. Transportation investments can do far more than provide mobility: they contain the potential to make our communities thrive.

Launched in December 2001, the Alliance has grown to over 500 organizations from nearly every state, and varying from national public health organizations to local elected officials to community development corporations. The common goal they share is using transportation as a tool for achieving better outcomes in public health, affordable housing and job access, energy efficiency, and social equity.  Find those in your area by clicking on your state.

ANTC members are active by communicating with federal, state, and local officials about how transportation investments can better serve their communities. ANTC serves as a network, allowing members to share information and learn from each others' experiences, supported by www.antc.net. And as polls consistently show, ANTC is also a movement reflecting growing public support for transportation reform.

To take action, click here.

To view the charter, click here.

To view a list of charter signers, click here.

To join the Alliance for a New Transportation Charter, click here.

ANTC is a project of the Surface Transportation Policy Project.  For more information, contact antc@transact.org .




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