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Mean Streets Report Details; 109th Congress to Tackle Renewal of TEA-21; President Signs New FY'05 Funding Bill; Key Senate Committee Adds Panel Members; Espinosa to Lead STPP Board; Canby Prods “Road Gang” to Embrace Bigger Tent for Better Results


Congress Returns to Challenging Re-Authorization Agenda; Republican Leader Weighing Partisan Renewal Bid; Another TEA-21 Extension in the Works; Senate Panel Restores Funding Commitments; Congressional Quarterly Graphic Puts New Starts on the Map



House Funding Bill Would Close off Travel Options - Amtrak and New Rail Transit Project; Uncertain Future for TEA-21 Renewal; Safeguarding Section 4(f) Still Necessary, Article Warns; New Atlanta Study Links Affordable Housing, Transportation, and Job Access



Senate TEA-21 Conferees Press House to Adopt $318 Billion Funding Level; White House, House Republican Leadership Oppose Senate Funding Level; Administration Signals Opposition to Certain Environmental Provisions; Conferees Approve 50+ Non-Controversial Items in June; Congress Extends TEA-21 until End of July


TEA-21 Legislation Again on Track as Senate Appoints Conferees; Total Funding Level Pivotal Issue for Conferees; Key Senate Leaders Tapped as TEA-21 Conferees; TEA-21 Operates Under Short-Term Extension


Two Month TEA-21 Extension Sent to President; Leaders Struggle over Funding Levels; Aging Americans:  Stranded without Options; Nearly 500 Counties Fail New EPA Smog Standards; New Report Finds Significant Benefits to Rail Transit


House Approves TEA-21 Renewal Plan; Efforts to Address State Funding Pushed Aside; Commitment to core Programs Diminished Under House Bill; Rules Committee Rejects Many Amendments, Including Funding Guarantees for CMAQ Program


President Signs Another TEA-21 Extension; House Struggles to Find Resources for Renewal Plan; House Transportation Panel Confronts Prospect of Much Lower Funding; Highway Lobby Overstates Benefit of Bottleneck Clearing


Senate Starts then Stalls on TEA-21 Renewal Effort; Finance Committee Addresses Transit Shortfall; Key Issues Looming in Senate; Stormwater Provisions, Section 4(f) Early Targets; Transit Bill Preserves ISTEA/TEA-21 Framework


Congressional Leaders Target Immediate Action on TEA-21 Renewal;Senate to Consider Threats to Section 4(f), Other Coalition Priorities;Senate Panels Race to Complete Work on Key Titles;



Metropolitan Congestion Relief Plan Expands Role for Local Decision-makers; New Legislation Helps Keep New Starts on Track; Administration Reported to Be Revisiting Its TEA-21 Renewal Funding Levels


$375 Billion Bill Unveiled; Banking Panel Leaders Seek Funding Assurances; Trust Fund Ethanol Losses;  '04 Transportation Funding Bill Included in Omnibus Measure

*Transfer Update*

Senate Panel Gives Boost to TEA-21 Renewal Effort


Senate Environment Committee Braces for Debate on TEA-21 Renewal Plan; House Proposal Expected Before Congress Adjourns; Conferees Expecte to Finalize FY'04 Transportation Appropriations Bill


Senate Committee Leaders Announce 
Highways Agreement on TEA-21 Extension; Senate Completes Work on Transportation Appropriations Bill; Brookings Study Supports Local Transportation Decision Making
10/05/2003 Tea-21 Extension Signed into Law; Congress Passes Continuing Resolution, Action on FY’04 Transportation Funding Bill Expected This Month; New Congestion Study Quantifies Public Transportation Benefits
09/25/2003 Congress to Send 5-Month Extension of TEA-21 to President


House Votes to Restore Enhancements Program, Amtrak Still Underfunded


House to Consider Fate of Amtrak and Enhancements; Congress to Consider Extension Issues; New Sprawl and Health Study; STPP Report on Transportation and Air Quality; New Report on Public Involvement and NEPA 
08/01/2003 House Appropriations Committee Votes to End Transportation Enhancements Program, Puts Amtrak at Risk, Cuts JARC Funds and Holds Transit Funding Level
07/11/2003 TEA-21 Reauthorization Timing; New Threats to 4(f); New Transit Coalition Formed; Leading Conservative Backs Young's Gas Tax Proposal; One in Four Bridges Found Deficient; JEC Issues New Report on Tolls
07/01/2003 STPP President Canby Testifies on BRT; Current Transportation Bills in Congress; TEA-21 Renewal and Amtrak; Multimodal Investment Legislation; GAO Report; AAA Drops AHUA; Joyce Foundation Report; CNU Conference
06/23/2003 July Shaping Up as Busy Month for TEA-21 Renewal; Article Documents Senate Majority Efforts to Roll Back Environmental Protections; Oberstar Introduces Safe Routes to School Bill; Report: Reauthorization Bill Could Have Negative Impact on Minorities
06/11/2003 Senate Transit Panel Members Critical of SAFETEA, Citing Weak Funding Commitments, Changes to New Starts and Bus Programs; Administration Conveys Opposition to Baucus-Grassley Bond Plan; Hutchison to Introduce Amtrak Reauthorization Legislation; GAO Report Finds Early Partnerships Among Stakeholders Is the Most Promising Approach to Improving Project Delivery 
6/02/2003 Opposition to Transit Bond Plan Grows; SHARE Plan Introduced; DOT Inspector General Urges FHWA Oversight; FHWA Survey Audit; Highway Beautification Act; Intermodal Leislation; Urban Roadways Report; Brookings Gas Tax Report
5/19/2003 Administration's SAFETEA Proposal Unveiled; Mineta Defends SAFETEA on the Hill; Transportation Economic Impact Study; Donor/Donee Debate; Innovative Financing; New Urbanism Conference
5/12/2003 House Hearings on SAFETEA; Elected Officials Discuss TEA-21; New Freight Mobility Caucus Formed; Hearing on Human Service Transportation; Highway Funding Hearing; New Pedestrian and Bike Surveys; GAO Report on Air Quality
5/2/2003 Amtrak Releases New Strategic Plan; Amtrak CEO Testifies on Capitol Hill; Reconnecting America Co-Director Dittmar Testifies in the Senate; NHTSA's 2002 Traffic Fatality Data Released; Bush Reauthorization Plan Coming Soon
4/25/2003 Biodiversity & Transportation Report; Walking and Health in Focus; New Mexico Legislative Session Update; Idaho's Transit Efforts
4/17/2003 FY '04 Budget; Canby Testifies on Research; Daniel Patrick Moynihan; Tom Downs to Join Eno
3/14/03 New STPP President; STPP's TEA-21 Renewal Plan; FY'04 Budget and TEA-3; Grassroots Summit; Intermodalism Hearing; New Issue of Progress; APTA's New Transit Poll; TEA-3 and Metropolitan Areas
2/19/03 FY'03 Budget Update; New Transportation Coalition; Project Mismanagement; Steps to a Healthier U.S.; Local report: MA; Announcements
2/6/2003 New STPP Report; President Releases Budget Proposal; Young's Budget Reaction; Congress Works on FY'03; Democrats' Stimulus Package Proposal
1/27/2003 Special State Issue of Transfer
1/17/2003 Overdue Budget; Mass Transit Account; White House Takes Stand on Gas Tax; Officials Talk About TEA-3; T&I "Wish List"; Civil Rights Audit in Alabama; Making the Transportation-Health Connection; New NHTS Data; Detroit's Transit Woes
1/6/2003 House T&I Chair Seeks Boost in TEA-21 Funding Levels; Transit and the Economy; Commuter Choice; Congressional Update; Senators Push for Increased Transit Funding; New Reports from STPP and Reconnecting America
8/5/2002 Reauthorization News: Senate and House Act Before Summer Recess; DOT Solicits Public Feedback
7/11/2002 Audit Reveals Cash Crisis at VDOT as State Turns to Voters for Road Money
6/26/2002 Amtrak Shutdown Averted
6/13/2002 Census Data Tells Story of Narrowing Choices
5/29/2002 U.S. House Passes Bill To Restore $4.4 Billion In Highway Funding
5/15/2002 Highway Congestion Relief Sought by House Panel
4/30/2002 The Nation's Road Capacity: How Fast Is It Growing
4/16/2002 US DOT Gets Serious About TEA-21 Reauthorization
4/02/2002 Urban County Leader Seeks Investment in Metropolitan Congestion
3/19/2002 Increased Senate Activity on Reauthorization
3/05/2002 Congressional Support Grows for Increased Highway Funding
2/19/2002 Bush Highway Request Dominates Senate Tea-21 Hearing
2/05/2002 Bush Releases FY03 Budget
1/24/2002 Bicycle Advocates Gear Up for Reauthorization
12/19/2001 "10 Years of Progress Event" a Smashing Success

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