STPP/CNT Workshop

Context Sensitive Solutions: Designing Transportation Projects
for People and Places

DENVER, CO —STPP and CNT held this workshop on July 24-25th in Denver to help participants understand what the principles referred to as context sensitive solutions (CSS) are, and how these principles can be used to balance and integrate the needs of travelers and communities in the planning and design of urban transportation systems. The workshop is directed at advocates, local officials and planning/design professionals in state DOTs, transit agencies, and MPOs and consultants. The workshop will feature leading transportation experts, land use planners and state and local officials as speakers and panelists. A field trip is included to give participants an opportunity to assess the potential of transforming a major urban corridor or transit station area by applying CSS principles.

STPP’s and CNT’s goal is to give you the tools to work more effectively with your local governments, DOT, transit agency and MPO on the planning and design of multi-modal transportation systems that balance the needs of all users, promote walkable communities, and encourage private investment.

This workshop is made possible through the support of the Federal Transit Administration, The Oak Foundation, and AARP.